Klo Kamat

 I´m a wrist watch guy, I have 8 of them. They are as follows; Casio W-735H, a digital watch. Japanese trademark, made in China. So called Army Watch. 10ATM & 10 years battery. Shock- and mud- resistant. Here combiend with Cobra knotted para cord. 

Festina F16759, a Knorograph. Poor man´s Moon watch. Spanish company, watches made somewhere in Asia. 5ATM, Citizen made movement.

                                                                                                                                                        Mondane railroad watch from 1940´s. A very Graphic Desing and I love it. Swiss Made mind you. 5ATM and domed Saphire Crytal. Combiend here with Rios contrast stiching leather band. 

Regal R53301 fashion watch, a Memento Mori if you will. Kinda mickey mouse watch (with an attitude) to remind me to not take myself too serious. 70´s cushion style case. Here combiend with dark blue nato strap.
Invicta 6926OB, a Dive Watch with 20ATM. A Rolex Submarine Homage. Seiko´s NH35A automatic caliber. 21600bpm (3Hz). American brand made in Indonesia. Combiend here with retro James Bond zulu strap.
Timex CR2016, field watch-ish quartz piece. American brand, made in Asia somewhere. Combiend here with Skunk Orange nato strap.
A Swiss Made "Pepsi" GMT, Swiss Alpine Military by Gronova, 7052.1131SAM. A Rolex GMT MasterII homage-ish. Ronda515.24H quartz caliber. 10ATM and Saphire Crystal. Very accurate and Great Lume. Combiend here with Vintage James Bond nato strap by Karu and Bola Twisted leather bracelet. 
And a Sugar at the bottom. Hamilton H60 455 593. A Swiss made automatic watch with ETA2824-2 caliber (28800bph/4Hz). This one cost as much as the 7 other watch combiend. A Neo Vintage pilot/field watch. Nice domed saphire crystal and lovely onion crown. Coin edged bezel is very vintage. Anti magnetic and 10ATM. Contrast sticthed leather bracelet with rivets on it. A Classic.
What time is it? It´s about time.

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